norgestur- oslo ☀

day 1❤

DSZN0485.JPG norgestur is finally here! We all waited the whole year for this trip,  one last celebration together before the tears start to fall about going home. A lot of other countries in Europe that you can pick for exchange make a europe tour, but since we aren’t that many exchange students and we’re a bit far away from the rest of europe it’s a lot better and sensible for us just to have a norway tour. Not to mention, Norway is probably the prettiest country on the planet so we can’t really complain getting to travel around it for 10 days.

To start off the trip, we waited in Oslo at a hostel for the other exchange students. it was super hot (as it’s been the entire past month here) & eating a lot of icecream became a bit of a habit on the trip.

Once everybody arrived, we took public transportation into the city to an area called frogner where we had dinner on a piano composer’s rooftop. We had barbecue, and this was the perfect start to the trip. We just spent the night hanging out on the roof and catching up with eachother. before we left the composer played us some music on the piano, and I’ll never forget looking around and seeing everybody so entranced by the music- the only time I’ve heard the group be quiet for more than 5 seconds.

We took the bus back again (and made some new friends on the way), then played ping pong and hung out, and some people even slept outside on the grass because it was so warm. It was the perfect start to what was probably the best trip of my life, with my best friends.


2 thoughts on “norgestur- oslo ☀

  1. Fantastiske nye innlegg Lauren Gleder meg til å lese om resten av norgesturen

    Best regards / MVH Klas Bergersen

    +47 9063 9567

    > 28. jun. 2018 kl. 15:22 skrev Lauren Zweerink : > > >


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