norgestur-nesbyen 🐻


Second day of Norgestur!❤ decided to make little posts from each day because I have so many pictures from the trip hahaha surprise!

Today we woke up early, had breakfast, and began driving in our bus to Flå where we went to a bear park. We had the opportunity to hold a snake, and i wasn’t going to because I don’t like them, but then I tried anyways and it didn’t go so well. At least I gave it a shot, and at least I have some funny pictures to remember it by.

After the snake incident we got to see people feed bears, kiss an elg and then ate some more icecream.

Once we were done at the bear park we drove to Nesbyen, where we had lunch at the same cabins we stayed at when we were there in February for winter camp. We had lunch there, then got our sweaters for the trip. I said thanks for the food in Norwegian. Before we left we took some pictures and copied some of the pictures we took at nesbyen in the winter.

We ended the day in Myrland, where we ate dinner, went swimming in freezing cold water, and ate more mango icecream than anybody’s willing to admit.

It was still super hot out, and we spent the night by the river listening to music and just enjoying eachother’s company. Some of the girls watched mamma mia together and we also watched a bit of Australia’s the bachelorette.

that’s it for day two! xx


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