norgestur- flåm🚂

Day 3!❤

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today we went to Flåm, and back to Rallarveien, a place i had the pleasure of biking 80 kilometers at the start of my exchange in September.

On the way to Flåm we drove through the mountains and stopped at a place where there was still a lot of snow. I remember not even being surprised by the snow in June, that’s just a normal Norway thing to me now.

The weather was so nice in Flåm, and we bought some souvenirs/ ate at the best bakery I’ve found in Norway, and then took the train up to the top where we would start biking down.

Even the train ride up was fun, and it’s supposed to be one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world. We had our own car on the train. VIP’s. On the journey, we stopped and took pictures at a waterfall.

Once we got to the top, we began biking down. Man did that ever bring back good memories from rallarveien. The bike ride was so beautiful and the weather was perfect, so I couldn’t complain.

After the bike trip, we drove the bus a few hours to Voss, where we saw a waterfall then went to an adventure camp. We did team building activities to start, then went treetop trekking and ziplining, then slept in these huge teepees for the night. Everybody was so tired from the day.

Day three was a busy one but it was so fun- every day of the trip brought something new and exciting❤

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