norgestur- voss; the day we drowned in water you pay $10 a bottle for🌊

daaaay 4❤

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We woke up today at the voss wilderness camp, and got suited up for white water rafting. We had so much fun rafting even though the water was only 7 degrees celsius- it’s amazing what you’ll do just to say you swam in Voss water.





Our rafting instructor did a great job steering our boat and making sure we had lots of fun, even getting us stuck in a rapid for a few minutes- not on purpose and not fun for him, but lots of fun for us. also, our instructor was everybody’s dream boy. Ryan if you’re reading this, we love you.

After rafting we went back to the wilderness centre and had lunch. We dried off, then went to a wind tunnel where we tried flying. This was seriously one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my life. We went in for 2 minutes each with an instructor who helped us. We got to wear these cool skydiving suits and we had in earplugs- the few moments of silence we had from one another during the trip.

We began driving to Bergan after the wind tunnel, and during the trip we listened to music, played games to see who could eat the most cookies, and the normal ones slept hahaha.

see my bergen post to read more about the end of the fourth day! ❤

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