norgestur- Berhhhgen☔

Day 4&5 !❤


We spent two nights in Bergen! We arrived there after Voss, and went to our hostel in an area called Montana with a great view of the city.

We ate dinner, then a group of us went on a hike up a mountain to see the sunset. It didn’t take so long to go up but it was pretty steep and after the day’s activities we weren’t so motivated to get to the top.

The view was so worth the hike and even worth the cold wind at the top- the sunset was seriously one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen in my life. After we took all the pictures we could, and after all of our phones died from the cold, we hiked back down while it was starting to get dark.

The next day we woke early and took public transportation into Bergen. We had a guided tour with a rotarian who spoke the local dialect in Bergen- a dialect a lot of people who are good at Norwegian can’t even understand, much less a group of norsk rookies. Again, the weather was nice (rare for Bergen where it always rains) so we enjoyed ourselves anyways.

After the tour we had to walk up a little mountain to get to where we were going to have lunch, and nobody was expecting or too happy about that hahaha. We were sooo hungry, but that was motivation. We had a super traditional Norwegian lunch- shrimps that we had to peel on bread with mayo and lemon. Peeling shrimps used to cause me grief but I’ve done it so many times now that I don’t even think twice about it.

In the afternoon we had some free time, so we met up with a girl on exchange in Bergen called Madi, and we just walked around and hung out, ate icecream and shopped a bit.

For dinner, we took public transport to a rotarian’s house where we had grill food. It was such a nice view where we were, and it was so fun to be there and hang out together.

That night we just sat outside and hung out while the sun was setting, it was so beautiful

The next morning we ate then left bergen, and started on our way to Briksdal Isbre❤

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