norgestur- geiranger

Hey guys! Here’s more from Norway Tour:

BNOG7113 (1).JPGAfter Briksdal isbre, we drove to Geiranger which is a famous tourist place on the inside of one of the fjords where nearly every cruise ship that goes to Norway stops. The view really looks like it’s right out of a movie.

The road to Geiranger was thrilling to say the least, and the roads were a little bit scary on our big tour bus.

Once we got there we had some time to walk around and explore, and we tried brown cheese flavored chocolate.

We also took lots of pictures at the lookouts to and from of course.

We left to go to where we were staying for the night pretty early- everybody was worn down and we didn’t mind taking it easy. When we got to fjellstova (where we stayed), a few of us climbed a little mountain. The view was like something out of the sound of music, and I’m so glad i went to the top even though I was exhausted. If Norway has taught me anything, it’s that the climb is always worth the view- and that in Norway, there’s always a view.

For dinner we had barbecue and cake, to celebrate one of the boy’s birthdays. This day was such a fun day, maybe my favorite from the whole trip.

stay tuned for litt til!



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