norgestur- ålesund, kristiansund, & trolldalen

days 8&9!

DTTB7310 (1).JPGThe second and third last days of the trip! We drove a lot these last two days, and it was sad that these were a few of the last days we’ll all be together in Norway.

We started off the day with a roadtrip to Ålesund! All of us were soo tired and everybody slept on the bus. Once we got to Ålesund we got out to see a lookout over the city, then walked down 400 steps into the city. It was a bit rainy but we still had a nice view from the lookout.

Luckily the weather picked up after Ålesund, and we had nothing but sunshine when we drove along the Atlantic road. We got out in the middle of the trip to go for a little walk at a lookout point, take some pictures, and eat some ice cream.

Afterwards, we arrived in Kristiansund. There we went to a museum on dried fish, tried Bacalao (a dish which is pretty much fish in tomato sauce. That night we stayed in our favorite place, in these little semi-detached cabin things. We dyed some hair, ate some noodles, and watched lots of weird norwegian reality shows. Classy.

The next day, we drove all the way from Kristiansund to Lillehammer, a drive that took almost the whole day. We drove through Trolldalen, an area with huge, very unique mountains. On the way we watched lots of movies in the bus and napped a bit.

Stay tuned to read about the last day! xx



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