thanksgiving. 🍂

A thanksgiving reflection, thoughts from my brain to yours. :

“I really believe that thanksgiving is the greatest time of year. Being away for thanksgiving last year reminded me that thanksgiving is totally about the mindset you go into the season with. I’m never one to turn down homemade turkey and pumpkin pie or a fun family game night, but last year I realized thanksgiving is most importantly about being reflective of your own life and thankful for all the growing, changing, struggling that shaped who you are and who you’re becoming. It’s about looking back and expressing gratitude to the people you love and the people who have impacted you, taken care of you, encouraged you. Like a Valentine’s Day of thankfulness.

One year after the start of one of my greatest adventures to date, i can say with confidence that one of the things I have to be most thankful for is the way my mind changed during that year. I came home a different girl than the one my mom reluctantly sent off on her own at the airport (the one who couldn’t even start the laundry machine by herself). 337 days out in the world, and I came back a changed girl; a world thinker, a girl who was finally confident to believe in herself. A girl who tried everything without thinking twice, one that knows how to be a friend. A girl who finally knew herself, her interests, and what made her clock tick. Not to mention a girl who kept a blog and felt no embarrassment in doing so. My eyes were opened to so many truths and prejudices we all see in our own everyday lives and in the world around us, and for that I’m thankful every day of the year.

I’m thankful for the people around me that build me up, encourage even the ideas you can practically tell will fail before they even develop, and inspire me to do great things and love others just from the way they are. The wonderful adults in my life and the ones that took care of me during my exchange are what make me more okay with growing up.

I’m thankful for the friends that are willing to drive in the middle of the night just to cheer me up, the friends i never see but it’s like we were together yesterday once we’re together again. Just two months ago I switched from one world to another, from my new world back into the same old world that raised me. Everything was the same except for me, a scary idea. It was lonely coming back into a world where I didn’t have close, dependant friendships nearby anymore, but I don’t think there has ever been a time in my life I was more thankful for my friends- for the ones that stuck around for me, encouraged me on bad days and loved me just the same when I came home, and for the powerful friendships I made during my year away that I know I’ll always have and cherish. What’s more, just one month ago I went back to school where I now knew nobody and had to re-establish myself surrounded by new people. It’s only been a month and I already have friends I feel like I can’t remember not knowing. Friendship is a beautiful thing. I’m so thankful and inspired everyday by the good, good friends around me that I have the pleasure of knowing and loving.

Also, my family- what would I do without them. My 5 house mates, the 3 devils that look too much like me that fake sleep walk into my room and sends me all day; my extended family, always keeping me in check and commenting on the recents, and my Norwegian family, also doing the above. The check-in texts, the little treats for no reason, and the encouragement when needed most make up for all the disagreements and roasting that actually happens over thanksgiving, and over every day of the whole year. Without my family, I’d be nothing.

Anyways, if there’s one thing you take home from thanksgiving with your leftovers this year, let it be that thanksgiving is an action, an everyday thing. Everything we have, every person around us, every struggle we’ve faced and every win we celebrate has built up the people we are, the community we make up together. Here’s to a beautiful world, and a beautiful life. Today and always I’m thankful for me, for you, for this wonderful world, and for the wonderful ways we connect within it.”

Thanks for coming to my ted talk cya next year

One thought on “thanksgiving. 🍂

  1. Hei Lauren

    jeg ønsker deg en flott Thanksgiving! Vi hadde det koselig ifjor hos oss da vi feiret Thanksgiving med deg! Og du lagde pumpkinpie som var kjempe god.

    Du skriver veldig godt!

    Vi er veldig takknemlige for at akkurat du kom og bodde hos oss. Du er blitt vår ekstra datter i huset! Alltid velkommen tilbake, vi har plass til deg!

    Ta vare på deg selv og hils moren din og resten av familien.

    Klem fra


    Den 09.10.2018 03:28, skrev Lauren Zweerink:

    > laurenzweerink posted: “A thanksgiving reflection, thoughts from my brain to yours. : “I really believe that thanksgiving is the greatest time of year. Being away for thanksgiving last year reminded me that thanksgiving is totally about the mindset you go into the season with. ” > >


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